Draft of Amended Bylaws

Post date: Jul 26, 2019 1:6:3 AM

These are the changes that will be ratified in the August 26,, 2019 GB meeting.


Page 1:

1) Changing the Title "Local School" to {"Governing"}

2)Article II -Mission statement Removing "The mission of the KALPCS is KALPCS  provides innovative opportunities for student learning in a cultural and community based setting. KALPCS promotes excellence and discovery that challenges our opio to become effective stewards of our local and global communities." 

and replacing it with {"To recognize, nurture, and foster cultural identity and cultural awareness in an environment that has historical connections and lineal linkage to students. Students engage in critical thinking and demonstrate complete mastery of the academia for their future as a result of this educational program that is driven by family, community, and culture."}

Page 2:

3) Article VI - Membership of the Board D.  Elections shall be held in March, and newly elected members shall begin serving in April. Adding {"A board retreat will be scheduled during summer break for training board members.}

 4) Article VII - Board C. Responsibilities - Secretary: The secretary shall keep or cause to be kept, at the KALPCS office, or such place as the Board may direct, a book of minutes of all meetings of the Board.Adding {The secretary is responsible for posting an agenda one (1) calendar week before a scheduled meeting along with the minutes.}

Page 3

5) Article VII - Board D. Resignation by Board Member replace {"A Board member" with " The Board Chair Also replace "member's" with "Board Chair's"}

6) Article VII - Meetings of the Board B. Replacing with {"made available" with "published prior"}

7) Article VII - Meetings of the Board C. removing {"these" and replace with "the"} removing {"shall be available at all Board meetings" and replacing with "will be published and available on the KALPCS website"}

8) Article IX - Board Decision Making A. Removing {"A quorum shall consist of a simple majority of members present." And replacing with "A quorum shall consist of 50% of seated board members who have not been excused from said meeting."}

9) Article IX - Board Decision Making C. Each member shall have one (1) vote on each matter submitted to a vote Adding {"with the exception of the student member"}

10) Article X - Committees B. Removing {4. Staffing and Personnel Committee & 5. Community Relations Committee}

Page 4

11) Article XII - Indemnification Removing {" Every Board member shall be indemnified by the Board against all reasonable costs, expenses, and liabilities in connection with or resulting from any claim, action, suit, proceeding, investigation or inquiry of whatever nature in which the Board member may be involved by reason of that person being or having been a member of the board. Whether or not that person continues to be a Board member at the time of incurring of such costs, except in relation to matters as to which that person shall be finally adjudged for willful misconduct or gross negligence in the performance of his/her duties. In the absence of such final and adjudication of the existence of such liability, the Board and each Board member may conclusively rely upon the opinion of legal counsel selected by or in the manner designated by the Board. the foregoing right to indemnification shall be in addition to and not in limitation of all other rights to which such person may be entitled as a matter of law, and shall inure to the benefit of the legal representatives of such person." Replacing with " 302D-12(j): The State shall afford the governing board of any charter school the same protections as the State affords the board in accordance with section 26-35.5"}

 12) Correct misspelling "Cerficate" with "Certificate" and update Approved at KALPCS Board meeting,